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    If disillusionment toward trump/nra is felt by joe gun rack as a result of this slimy situation, Independents in that population would abandon the trump, likely for good. Literally and figuratively.

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    Missiles are beautiful, long and beautiful. That is true. So true. We need more new missiles, space missiles, ground missiles, underwater missiles, missiles on the border. Caravans are coming. We can use the old missiles in parades, display them at courthouses around the country. Beautiful. So beautiful. But we need new missiles for the parade too.

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    Thin Bench Donnie. Show me a manager with a self created thin bench, I will show you direct evidence of a bad manager. TBD is the worst example I have seen in a lifetime. We all know thin benches hurt the organization in the long term as much or more than the short term. TBD is sabotaging this country. Where Obama left a functional reliable modest…[Read more]

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