Is This The Point Of No Return For Retail? One Bank Answers

A model for whether enough potential weakness is already priced into valuations suggests that there is likely downside even in a stable market environment and room for significant underperformance in a recession.”


“Amazingly,” This Trade Is Probably Going To Work However You Put It On

“Amazingly, that 110 bps increase in the percent of sales was the biggest acceleration in non-store retailing since we have data going back to 1993, and was as big as the prior two years combined.”

The Retail “Big Short” Goes Mainstream As WSJ Touts The CMBX 6 Trade

Well, it’s official. The CMBX 6 trade has gone mainstream. And predictably, just in time for it to be all played out. Or at least it certainly seems that way. You’ll recall that we’ve been talking about this for months. You can read our most recent posts on this here: Here’s How To Play The…

Monday Humor: Connect The Dots


Here’s Another Trade Idea For The Coming Retail Apocalypse

You might not realize it, but there’s a kind of ongoing debate about the best way to play the brick and mortar retail apocalypse. This is one of those running narratives that you should be aware of and stay up on irrespective of whether you plan to trade it. In that regard, it’s kind of…

“Brick And Martyr”: When Retail Workers Become Bartenders

“In particular, majority of retail workers that find jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector find jobs in the food services and drinking places industry.”

Here’s How To Play The Retail “Big Short” (Hint: It’s Not CMBX)

The rise of online competition and a steady decline in foot traffic and earnings seem to presage a veritable apocalypse for brick and mortar. And no, that’s not hyperbole. This is an existential crisis.