It Could Have Been Worse – A Lot Worse.

The setup was terrible, with falling commodities, a downbeat Asian session, and junk jitters weighing on sentiment.


More Questions, Less Answers.

Not what I would call an “upbeat” session.

Monday, Monday.

The fireworks started in Japan and that’s where they ended.

Here Are 5 Geopolitical Risk Factors For Oil

Whither black gold…

‘Great Again’

Are we there yet?

Can You Feel The Tension?

Nobody strike a match.

All’s Well That Ends In An Epic Mideast Death Match.

Tension is running high on Monday…

Going To The Mattresses.

“How bad do you think it’s gonna be?”

‘Reckless And Outrageous’

“You will ride eternal”, reckless, gold leaf, and outrageous…

Close Your Eyes And Buy.

Don’t worry about the orange man.


Come one, come all.

Just Make Sure You’re Hedged.

You’d probably be wise to do the same.

Brent Jumps As OPEC Said To Mull Extending Cuts On ‘Worst-Case Scenario’

Oil is on the move as OPEC chatter is making the rounds. According to the ubiquitous “people familiar with the matter,” the cartel is now debating whether to extend production cuts past the end-March expiration date. The move could “potentially bring the curbs well into the second half of 2018,” Bloomberg says, citing unnamed officials.…

Oil Surges Above $50 On Heavy Volume As Market Digests OPEC Report


Mohamed El-Erian Explains OPEC’s Nuclear Option

“This brief survey of the most likely types of supply approaches available to OPEC speaks to a larger notion of game theory. Having experienced a gradual and persistent erosion in its dominance of the oil market, OPEC members are being pushed to play a larger cooperative game that involves ever broader coalitions to secure an orderly influence on oil prices.”