A ‘Permanent’ Alliance With Russia, The Iran Rift And All The Latest Gossip On This Week’s Critical OPEC Meeting

Unleash the rumor mill!


Meet Me In Sintra And Mind The Oil Slick: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ironies, cartels and trade wars.

‘We Call Upon Our Brothers And Russia Not To Appease Trump’: Iran Says 3 Members Will Veto OPEC Supply Hike

“We as Iran, and I hear Iraq and Venezuela, are against any increase in OPEC production.”

Fly Eagles, Fly.

A listless Tuesday.

An Irritated Trump ‘Asked’ OPEC To Engineer Lower Oil Prices With 1 Million Barrel A Day Hike Because #MAGA, Ok?!

“No good and will not be accepted!”

Why Friday’s OPEC News Isn’t Actually Bearish For Oil, According To Goldman

Food for thought.

Fitting End.

And that’s the week.

‘The Tweet Moved The Saudis’: How Trump Arrested The Oil Rally

“Loud and clear”.

Or at least “loud.”

‘We Highly Recommend Not Riding This One Out’: As Oil Passes $80, Goldman Reiterates Commodities Case

“And this current rally likely has room to run, particularly from a returns perspective, as the current fundamental backdrop for oil is now more bullish than we had expected as strong demand now faces supply disappointments.”

Iran Thinks Trump Has Secret Plan With ‘Some OPEC Members’ To Drive Up Oil Prices

I mean, I guess you never know.

FX Versus The May 12 Iran Decision: Why Oil At $80 Will Be Dollar Positive

Upside down.

It’s Time To Talk About Petrodollar Flows

If you do the math there, that means that in the space of just two years, there was a ~$400 billion decline in reserve accumulation from oil exporters. That’s “QT” – depending of course on what they’re accumulating.


Aaaand that’s the week, folks.

Trump Accuses OPEC Of Being ‘At It Again’, Says He Won’t ‘Accept’ Higher Oil Prices

What. The. Actual. Fuck?

Here’s Why Russia Sanctions Are ‘A Game Changer’ For OPEC

“…one very good reason to deepen its ongoing cooperation with OPEC.”