The Day After: Yellen’s Big Mistake

So here we are, the day after a Fed hike that was supposed to (and by a lot of accounts needed to be) dovish. Wednesday’s lackluster CPI and retail sales data should have been a “game changer” for Yellen’s messaging, a lot of folks contended, going into 2 p.m. EST. Simply put: by the time…


Everything You Need To Know For The Week Ahead

Well, it’s Sunday which means normally, you’d be thinking about Monday, but this weekend you don’t have to because Sunday is actually Saturday and Monday is actually Sunday. Someone forgot to tell North Korea though, because they just launched another missile. Kim will be disappointed to find out that no one in the US got…

Full Week Ahead Preview: Here’s “What To Watch” After France Votes

“We’ve heard comment running the gamut from “everyone is petrified” to “should be a happy time for risk.”

Dear FX Traders: Do Not Start Fucking With Thomas Jordan Tomorrow

Earlier we noted that the ECB is prepared to step in with emergency liquidity in the event voters in France should make a “mistake” on Sunday. Specifically, Ewald Nowotny told reporters the following on Saturday: If there should be problems for specific French banks liquidity-wise, then the ECB has the … ELA, Emergency Liquidity Assistance, but…

Buy Your Rolex Now

First on Trump’s FX hit list: Switzerland?