Crypto Assets Are Up 75% In April, In Case You Were Wondering Whether People Are Still Morons

Watch your “double bottoms.”


Amazon Is Building Elon Musk’s Immortal Robot Dictator And Its Name Is ‘Vesta’

I always liked Ex Machina.

Like Many Women Before Her ‘Fearless Girl’ Is Sticking Around, But In A Different Part Of Wall Street…And In A Less-Defined Role

Everyone’s favorite statue is getting a taste of what life is like for many outspoken women on Wall Street.

There’s Good News And There’s Bad News About The S&P And The Midterm Elections

Which do you want first?

Crypto Founder Yassin Hankir Had To Pretend Like He Stole $50 Million Because ‘There’s So Much Scam Happening’

“…this was not meant to do prank and this was not meant to do fun of anyone or play around with trust.”

Bill Ackman Would Not Change His Gender Just To Win A Board Seat Because The Bill Ackman We Knew Is Truly Dead

The world is changing too fast.

Morgan Stanley Dares You To Fade Their Quarter Like You Did Goldman And JPMorgan

Does this work, or not so much?

The Wall Street Journal’s Anti-Tax Suicide Mission

The Journal has found a Pandora’s Box, and it can’t not open it.

Goldman Makes Trading Great Again, But Investors Would Rather Netflix And Chill, Apparently

Elon Musk Fears ‘An Immortal Robot Dictator’ (Other Than Him) Will One Day Rule The World

“We don’t hate ants.”

JPMorgan And Citi Are Just Fine With This Whole Higher Volatility Thing

Sorry Seth Golden, it’s Jamie Dimon’s turn to make some money now.

In Latest Death Blow To TPP, Trump Charges Larry Kudlow With Renegotiating TPP

Personal problems are muting his ability to focus in international fires and he is looking to mollify his notional GOP allies by sending slick-ass Kuddles to salvage a trade pact that he doesn’t care for.

Larry Fink Thinks Investors Should Be ‘100% In Stocks’ – And If You Want To Buy Some Via BlackRock, That’s Even Better

You’re spending too much time thinking about “market timing”.

John Paulson Singlehandedly Paying For Trump Tax Cuts

J-Paulz $1 billion tax bill for 2017 proves that tax planning is even worse than his investing.

What’s The Biggest Near-Term Risk To Global Equities? You Can Choose Between Trump And Trump

It’s a tough one.