Progressive History X

In August of 1912, while addressing the Convention of the National Progressive Party in Chicago, Theodore Roosevelt described Wisconsin as "a laboratory for wise social experiment in the betterment of conditions." That same year, Roosevelt wrote the introduction to The Wisconsin Idea, a kind of handbook for Progressives penned by reformer and visionary librarian Charles McCarthy, a pioneer in the science of public policy and administration. McCarthy, the son of Irish immigrants who mortgaged t

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One thought on “Progressive History X

  1. Thoughtful piece, as usual H.

    You raise a fair question about “blast radius”….or maybe it should be “statute of limitations”.

    The past is a different country it is said, but the blindspots of humanity persist.

    We will all be judged–meat eaters, airplane flyers, automobile users–in much the same as the literal witch hunters, lead pipe water systemed Roman, and human sacrificing Aztecs.

    You just have to stay around long enough to see it….

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