Treasury Yields ‘Vulnerable To A Pullback,’ Goldman Says

"We think bond yields are vulnerable to a pullback." So said Goldman's Praveen Korapaty in his latest weekly. Admittedly, I'm operating in confirmation bias mode vis-à-vis the prospects for a bullish correction in bonds following a two-month selloff, but I would've mentioned Korapaty's latest regardless. Notably, he doubts the notion that September's leg lower for bonds (higher in yields) is a function of supply jitters. "Monthly net UST coupon supply in August and September was not particul

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2 thoughts on “Treasury Yields ‘Vulnerable To A Pullback,’ Goldman Says

  1. Very scary times, especially for the uninitiated like moi. I wonder if sometime you could explain how Money Market Funds with the big companies, e.g. Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab, can payout such high yields? Are they not subject to the same dangers as banks in terms of what they are earning on deposits and paying out? Thanks in advance, MC

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