Xi Tells National Security Team To ‘Get Prepared For Actual Combat’

It's funny how a given day's coverage comes together. First thing Wednesday morning, while editorializing around lackluster PMIs out of China, I wrote the following: "Maybe Xi and [the Standing Committee] will endeavor to make good on implicit and explicit promises to bolster the economy, maybe they won’t. Maybe they’re not even thinking about it today." As it turns out, they weren't thinking about it today. Or if they were today, the economy was an afterthought yesterday, when Xi presided

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4 thoughts on “Xi Tells National Security Team To ‘Get Prepared For Actual Combat’

      1. When the Roman’s defeated Carthage for the last time they razed every building in the city to the ground and then plowed up every crop and field fit for growing anything and sowed the fields with tons of salt so nothing would ever grow there again. That folks, is the definition of destroyed. Read what Putin has said about his goal for Ukraine and you can hear a similar ring. If I can’t have her (that ship has sailed), then no one can.

  1. Don’t leaders tend to start wars when they are faced with a weakening on the home front leading to a weakening in their popularity (power)?

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