Cloudy Forecast Undercuts Microsoft’s ‘Better-Than-Feared’ Results

It's a good thing Microsoft has a ~$13 billion inside line on the future of generative AI, because "back" here in the present day, revenue growth is slow indeed. Sales of $52.7 billion grew just 2% YoY during fiscal Q2, the company said on Tuesday afternoon in the US. That was much slower than last quarter's 12-month rate, which was itself the most tepid in years. On a constant currency basis, sales grew a more respectable 7%. Consensus expected $52.93 billion in revenue. "The next major wa

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One thought on “Cloudy Forecast Undercuts Microsoft’s ‘Better-Than-Feared’ Results

  1. Well, today’s stew made with results from Union Pacific, MMM, GE, Capital One and Microsoft turned out rather bland and in need of some salt.

    Separately, I notice RBOB Gasoline futures just keep grinding higher. (Nice MOM Headline CPI prints you’ve been collecting here. Be a shame if something happened to them.)

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