Under The Shadow Of Stagflation

Under The Shadow Of Stagflation

America is experiencing an acute crisis of confidence. As discussed here at some length last week, the world's foremost democracy has a credibility problem at virtually every level of government. It's immeasurably more acute now than it was six years ago, and if the country succumbs to stagflation, it'll become more acute still. In short: Citizens were disenchanted enough without a generational inflation shock. But when it rains it pours. Now, Americans distrust the money too. The pervasive s
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5 thoughts on “Under The Shadow Of Stagflation

  1. Today’s news flow re inflation has me thinking the Fed will go .75 in July and again in Sept. They’ve backed themselves into a corner and will be uber-aggressive until something breaks.

  2. Didn’t take long – new helicopter money is beginning. California announced yesterday direct cash deposits to 23 million low and middle income Californians (up to $1050 each – though most will be receiving $200-350) as a ‘gas rebate’. Thanks Gavin ?.

  3. Wow how fkn sad does a situation have to be, with everything going on, to be to make gas prices your #1 priority for voting, especially given the situation in Europe. Like what, Republicans are going to wave a magic wand and make prices sink? That’s a fkn laugh – much more likely they’ll work to sink your paycheck into their pockets, or the equivalent through rich tax breaks. Hopefully the left can get it together, put aside petty identity politics that no one cares about besides a small minority of very loud people on twitter. Keep pushing your ‘Latinx’ bullshit when 95% of Latino people hate the term, that outta win some votes.

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