‘Panic,’ ‘Chaos’ Feared As India Bans Wheat Exports

‘Panic,’ ‘Chaos’ Feared As India Bans Wheat Exports

The global macro outlook took another turn for the apocalyptic on Saturday, as the world pondered India's decision to ban wheat exports. "There is a sudden spike in the global price of wheat arising [from] many factors," a bulletin dated Friday (shown below) read. The Ministry of Commerce warned that India's food security "is at risk," and said a prohibition on most exports is necessary in order to "manage" the domestic situation and "support the needs of neighboring and other vulnerable count
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5 thoughts on “‘Panic,’ ‘Chaos’ Feared As India Bans Wheat Exports

  1. Gee, is it possible this whole climate “thing” is real? California is the equivalent of a top ten country and our in-house food basket … with a fast growing water shortage. It’s not golf courses and lawns that’s the source of this problem, it’s agriculture and drought. The Ogallala aquifer is quickly going dry from severe water mining in the west-central US. That’s food and drinking water for millions in the central US. Nothing can fix that problem in less than five or ten thousand years. If the Colorado River runs much drier we will really be in trouble. Not only is India increasingly inhospitable, but its population is among the fastest growing.

  2. I am going to comment here on my recent observations. I have self studied local and regional climate as a natural part of my interests, and obtained schooling and employment in the environmental field.

    The old timers say that it isn’t spring until the mesquites green up. Granted we are in a semi arid region prone to drought. We are currently in a drought, we hit all time high records in early May near and over hundred. That is not normal going back well over a 100 years, and their were consequences. The mesquite trees greened up earlier than i have ever observed, the native grasses did not green up at all. I am used to seeing verdant spring green along the ground and mesquite not yet bearing new leaves in early May. Instead the mesquites are green and the ground brown and yellow. Erosion will be a beast this year, and i thought i had left the Haboobs in the desert where they belong. Nope.

    The nice farmer (who does a commendable job with erosion control) allows me to search for stone artifacts on his land. This is usually along the margins where some erosion exposes items every few years or so. This year? Wide blowouts availed themselves in the middle of the field. A windfall for my interests. It looked like other parts of the crop might be salvageable. Nope. High temps did em in. The nice farmer plowed under the skimpy coverage that was left. I am fairly certain he was not the only unirrigated farmer to do so, leaving a primed Aeolian sediment load lying in wait. A few days later our typical dry predominant spring winds paid a visit, resulting in a very rare Haboob.

    I agree with the 92% of published peer reviewed climate scientists who believe in anthropogenic climate change.

    I do not understand why many fellow outdoor adventurists particularly hunters and fisherman do not believe their own eyes. Nor do i understand why they consistently vote against this self interest when it is part of a heritage they yell so loudly about wanting to pass along to future generations.

    The crops on the Ogalalla teat, well they are just fine, and carpetbaggers are expanding coverage in this part of the country. Slurp slurp..

  3. Record-breaking drought is reordering American agriculture.

    South American Drought Impacts 50% of World’s Soybean Supply

    China Faces Worst Crop Conditions Ever Due to Climate Change

    Indonesia faces international pressure over palm oil export ban

    Chile faces the largest mega-drought in its history: ‘Our country has changed forever’ https://www.zyri.net/2022/04/13/chile-faces-the-largest-mega-drought-in-its-history-our-country-has-changed-forever/

    France’s unprecedented drought shows climate change is ‘spiralling out of control’ https://www.france24.com/en/environment/20220511-france-s-unprecedented-drought-shows-climate-change-is-spiralling-out-of-control

    Pakistan hit 51 degrees C today. That’s 123.5 degrees F. At some point climate change goes exponential. I’m wondering if we’re already there.

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