Germany Stares At Recession As Economy Contracts

Germany Stares At Recession As Economy Contracts

An image of "traffic at a street junction in Berlin" sat atop one outlet's summary of Germany's Q4 GDP data, released on Friday. The intersection in the picture was rain-soaked. The wet pavement reflected orange street lamps and red taillights. It was dusk. And it was cloudy. That captured the mood. Germany's economy, the world's fourth largest, shrank in Q4 (figure below), bringing the country to the brink of its second recession of the pandemic era. "After economic performance had increased
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One thought on “Germany Stares At Recession As Economy Contracts

  1. Between reading about the renowned Philipp Brothers commodities trading firm and learning of their business motto, “Besser gut schlafen, als gut essen” (It is better to sleep well than to eat well), late last year, and my bit of ownership in the enterprises of our erstwhile Teutonic allies bumping up against it’s 20 year high, I started selling. Now, thanks to the rapid onset of this darkening economic doom and gloom, I have sold the last of my EWG.

    It worked. I’m sleeping better. In fact, I fell asleep writing this. Twice.

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