S&P Flirts With Correction As US Economy At ‘Near Standstill’

S&P Flirts With Correction As US Economy At ‘Near Standstill’

It didn't take long for the incoming data to provide support for a high profile call from one of Wall Street's most widely-followed names. Early Monday, Morgan Stanley's Mike Wilson warned that the market's focus is likely to shift to a burgeoning growth slowdown and that a deceleration in PMIs could drag US equities another 10% lower. Hours later, flash reads on IHS Markit's manufacturing and services sector gauges for the world's largest economy missed estimates. Although the manufacturing m
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One thought on “S&P Flirts With Correction As US Economy At ‘Near Standstill’

  1. looks like were at peak inflation/ukraine/ and covid case fears. the report above gives a decent backdrop for one to look for a decline in inflationary pressures. russia needs kazakhstan more than it wants to invade ukraine= stalmate/cold war type; covid cases are high…but hospitalizations given the number cases (and in the aggregate) compated to Aug/Sept inthe south, and the delta surge last winter….are much lower.

    march 1 biden gets to claim vicotry over covid as cases dive in Feb, alongside dis-inflationary data points (like this one) in Feb/March.

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