Prepare For Liftoff

Prepare For Liftoff

"Prepare for liftoff." That'll be the message from the January Fed meeting and what's sure to be an uncomfortable press conference for Jerome Powell, who's under immense pressure to "do something" (anything, really) about inflation. US equities will attempt a rebound after suffering their largest one-week decline since 2020 (figure below). The Nasdaq 100, meanwhile, is coming off its worst weekly performance since the onset of the pandemic. "No edge here, but FOMC is obviously critical with
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3 thoughts on “Prepare For Liftoff

  1. I am not sure why everybody seems so surprised by the outcome of the FED predictions a mere six months ago…unless of course they thought this time is different sort of like the Robinhooder’s… That pun ought to take us through about noon tomorrow… FUN AHEAD !

  2. When executed properly, going to war has proven to be a very unifying and economically boosting endeavor in the United States. The question is, will the right still continue to treat Putin like he’s their buddy?

    1. Since the last conflict where we cleaned up any problems was in Grenada, going after Putin would surely be an unmitigated disaster and it will really tick off the Donald. His newest hat is MUGA. Do you suppose a domestic “cold” civil war would have the same effect?

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