‘Omicron-Like’ Emerges. UK Set For ‘Plan B’ Protocol

‘Omicron-Like’ Emerges. UK Set For ‘Plan B’ Protocol

Boris Johnson was poised to unveil a new round of COVID restrictions for England as soon as Wednesday. The so-called "Plan B" measures are ostensibly an attempt to arrest the spread of Omicron. "Ostensibly" because there may be an ulterior political motive which smacks of irony. The plan, FT said, prior to a formal announcement, will include vaccine passports for large venues and a work-from-home order. Apparently, Johnson wants to distract from an embarrassing leaked video in which staffers l
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2 thoughts on “‘Omicron-Like’ Emerges. UK Set For ‘Plan B’ Protocol

  1. So much virus evolution. Pesky little buggers, those viruses, and they aren’t even living things. I thought the folks at Fox and their ilk claim evolution is just a “theory” …. albeit one that can kill.

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