Evergrande, Alibaba Meltdowns Exemplify China’s Engineered Crisis

Evergrande, Alibaba Meltdowns Exemplify China’s Engineered Crisis

Another day, another selloff in Chinese tech shares. The Hang Seng Tech Index dove more than 3% to start the new week, a testament to all manner of concerns from the prospect of forced delistings in the US to regulatory woes at home. Dual-listings are likely to remain under pressure in the near-term. Officials in both Washington and Beijing appear increasingly averse to Chinese companies trading on US exchanges. Read more: ‘I Quit. No, You’re Fired.’ Some US lawmakers are keen to cut o
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4 thoughts on “Evergrande, Alibaba Meltdowns Exemplify China’s Engineered Crisis

  1. Autocrats don’t have very good historical economic performance at the point when reality contradicts the national propagandist storyline. I’m sure this applies to democracies, but they seem better equipped to correct course. Humans seem to have a natural inclination to deny reality in favor of a good yarn.

    1. The concern should be how Autocrats generally respond to reality contradicting propaganda, they usually find an other to blame and malign for what contradicts their predictions. Who will be China’s other and how will they respond to the anger against that other? Invading Taiwan?

  2. The Chinese economy has performed better than any economy in the world over the last thirty years. Is that due to globalization and a huge demographic surge of young people, or a function of Chinese autocrats being willing and able to manage the Chinese economy better than the capitalists of the West were able to manage theirs? I guess we’re about to find out.

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