In Germany, 6% Inflation (More Wheelbarrow Jokes)

In Germany, 6% Inflation (More Wheelbarrow Jokes)

German inflation printed 6% for November, giving me carte blanche to recycle my somewhat wry take on the situation. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suggest that headline writers and financial media outlets are pleased to see prices accelerating in the world's fourth-largest economy. After all, headlines about spiraling price pressures in Germany make for great click fodder — "Weimar," and such. For folks outside the polite world of mainstream financial coverage, it's an excuse to use
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One thought on “In Germany, 6% Inflation (More Wheelbarrow Jokes)

  1. One thing I find interesting is the cultural memory in Germany and how strong/long it is as a opposed to the US where we collectively can’t seem to understand basic facts let alone remember those facts.

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