Goldman, Deutsche See Fed Doubling Taper Pace

Goldman, Deutsche See Fed Doubling Taper Pace

Over the past week, Fed officials have gone out of their way to socialize the idea of an accelerated taper. Recent commentary from Christopher Waller, Richard Clarida, Raphael Bostic and, finally, Mary Daly, all suggested officials see more than a little utility in winding down pandemic QE faster than the $15 billion per month pace announced at the November meeting. "A faster taper would certainly give us more optionality as we move into 2022 and see sort of where the data takes us," Bostic to
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4 thoughts on “Goldman, Deutsche See Fed Doubling Taper Pace

  1. As to Juckes warning and your “Good News is bad news” What effect with the Dollar?
    Many economist think what they say is written in stone when it is really just written on the back of a napkin.

  2. No one wants the market to have a significant sell off, let alone a crash.

    So it either
    1) will not have too significant of a sell off due to proactive “fiscal/monetary largess”
    2) if it does have too significant of a sell off- quickly be given monetary and/or fiscal stimulus.

    Hard to imagine I would ever significantly move from equities to bonds during the next decade. But one thing I have learned is this: never say never.

    Have s wonderful Thanksgiving (whatever that means).

  3. Zeroing out purchases of MBSes sooner rather than later should help to cool the overheated housing market and keep a lid on inflation expectations going forward..

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