Top-Down Management

Top-Down Management

"I can hardly imagine that the authorities would just simply ban online gaming once and for all," Global Times editor Hu Xijin said Wednesday. China was in damage control mode after an overwrought broadside lamenting the addictive nature of games like Tencent's "Honor of Kings" caused another bout of severe nausea among investors weary of grappling with an absurdly mercurial regulatory blitz out of Beijing. Tencent rebounded, and Hong Kong shares enjoyed their first net inflow from the links i
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One thought on “Top-Down Management

  1. Will need interesting to see if institutional investors come back to the Chinese techs. If not, maybe this is a boon for other Asia consumer/tech – something like CPNG that got whacked along with the TCEHY but, other than kneejerk derisking, wouldn’t seem to have much in common.

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