Are You Awesome?

Are You Awesome?

"Where are all the job seekers?," asked The Indeed Hiring Lab, in the color accompanying their latest job seeker survey. The site's Economic Research Director, Nick Bunker, called that "the question on the lips of employers, economists, and any casual observer of the US labor market." He's right about that. The latest JOLTS data, out Wednesday, underscored the vast disparity between vacancies and hires as the US economy re-opens in earnest following what any objective observer would describe a
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6 thoughts on “Are You Awesome?

  1. The owner of my regular “upscale-ish” restaurant tells me that some meaningful number of his former staff left the restaurant industry for good in the past year. Some nights his staff is half trainees, other nights he’s waiting tables himself, and they still can’t open for lunch for lack of staff. That said, he expects more to come back to the work in the industry after summer.

    My local “pub-ish” places seem to be steadily increasing their staff and resuming normal hours, although a number of the employees appear quite new to the work.

    This “soft open” hardly seems like a problem, in the real world.

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