Shopping Spree!

Shopping Spree!

US retail sales surged 9.8% in March (figure below), far more than expected, underscoring the impact of stimulus checks and likely providing confirmation bias for those keen on the notion that an economic overheat is in the offing despite the still hobbled labor market. The blockbuster monthly gain came in near the top-end of the range. Forecasts from nearly six-dozen economists ran the gamut from a 3.5% increase to a 12% jump. February's 3% drop was revised to a 2.7% decline. The underwhelmin
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One thought on “Shopping Spree!

  1. When in fact the FED has said many times they are going to let the economy run hot on the sustainable basis prior to doing anything. Maybe they mean it if so people may want to stay out of the way of the Fed.

    And no hyperbole this time. I kind of like the surprise of first hyperbole and then no hyperbole. Instead of hyperbole maybe you go with analogous equivalency. Beafy, muscular, sweet, tasty, sure to please Powell.

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