$2 Trillion It Is?

$2 Trillion It Is?

Market participants were poised to focus on Joe Biden's economic plan Thursday. A report, from CNN, that Biden's team intended to "shoot for the moon" right out of the gate seemed to conflict (if only a bit) with other reporting that suggested Biden would move to secure bipartisan support for an initial virus relief package, while saving the "moon shots" for infrastructure and a broader stimulus push to be delivered later. While Chuck Schumer apparently floated a $1.3 trillion price tag for mo
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2 thoughts on “$2 Trillion It Is?

  1. Biden is shooting for the moon at 2 trillion- it is a sound strategy though- so when he gets bargained down he can settle for 1-1.5, ya don’t ask, you don’t get. More importantly I am sure he is going to funnel a lot of money where it gets a lot of bang for the buck, with a few goodies to make sure it passes. All sound political strategy.

  2. I lost an academic prize for my bachelor’s honors thesis because I but in a joke quote from a book on federal budgeting that makes your point perfectly, something about being up to one’s ass in Alligators if one didn’t ask for more than was needed.

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