Second Time’s The Charm

Second Time’s The Charm

Another day in paradise stateside found US lawmakers debating what, on any rational interpretation, isn't really debatable. "He must go," Nancy Pelosi said, speaking to the House, as Congress prepared to impeach Donald Trump for the second time in -- checks watch -- 13 months. She also explained why, in her estimation, it would "be best" (get it?) if the Senate convicted Trump. "I believe the president must be convicted by the Senate [to] ensure that the Republic will be safe from this man."
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6 thoughts on “Second Time’s The Charm

  1. If it wasn’t McConnell I would be amazed… but if anyone would refuse to flush this turd twice even when realistically there is barely anything to gain but another whiff by refusing the 2nd time it would be him.

  2. I am all for the wait for the evidence. Some of the arrests may lead to the wolves hiding with the sheep the other day.
    It is more the serious actors using the rally and march as cover that may lead to a connection to higher ups.
    This has to be done in a complete way. One in which his political funds become impounded and his voice removed from the Republican party.
    Half measures may avail us little. Republicans have to feel comfortable convicting.

  3. I have found myself snickering many times in the last 4 years of the orange man. But because of the many things I saw and heard that were so absurd that I couldn’t believe they were happening. Now the saddest thing I heard is that it may not be constitutional to convict the president after he is out of office.

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