Of Bonds And Bernie

Of Bonds And Bernie

For the second consecutive day, bonds rallied and a strong auction result suggested the Treasury selloff may have run its course -- at least in the very near-term. Yields were richer headed into Wednesday's 30-year reopening, tracking bunds. German yields dropped the most since June and the bull flattening impulse was mirrored in the US curve. The rally accelerated following the long-bond sale. Dealers took just 14.2%, compared to a 21.0% average. As Bloomberg's Cameron Crise wrote, "this coul
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  1. the resteepending of the yld curve back in sept/oct 2019, indicated a recession was otw, virus or not. we are now IN a recession and the yld curve is steepening further as is customary…..10-2 spread peaks just after recession is over. so figure peak at 1.255 on the 10yr….then sideways for the stagflation.

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