Mitch McConnell Ponders Personally Relegating Trump To Dustbin Of Political History

Mitch McConnell Ponders Personally Relegating Trump To Dustbin Of Political History

We'd all be remiss not to take note when reports indicate that Mitch McConnell has finally thrown in the towel on Donald Trump. Regular readers may recall that in my estimation, McConnell actually abandoned the president in October, when, having secured a third Supreme Court nominee, thereby cementing conservative jurisprudence for a generation, Mitch wanted nothing to do with the $2 trillion stimulus discussion playing out between Steve Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi. To my mind, that episode was o
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9 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Ponders Personally Relegating Trump To Dustbin Of Political History

  1. Counterfactual, I know, but if McConnell had spoken out more forcefully against Trump in October, GOP would have retained control of the Senate. Too late, and a big miscalcuation by the Gravedigger of Democracy.

  2. Whether he abandons Trump or not, it’s still not entirely clear whether McConnell fully realizes – will let himself fully realize – that the monstrosity the GOP has spent the last forty or so years creating is poised to devour his party and possibly American democracy. Beginning with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” through Lee Atwater’s Willie Horton ad, Newt Gingrich’s hyper-partisan destruction of anything resembling civilized debate in Congress, the Bush administration’s lies leading up to the Iraq war, the skids greased along the way with the goadings and conspiracy-mongering of Fox News, the Republican party has done an extraordinary job of weaponizing racism and class resentment. Its poisonous flowering can be seen in the gleeful faces of the howling mob that ransacked the US Capitol on January 6. It must have come as a terrific shock, though, to find that the interlopers were most interested in hanging Mike Pence, one of their own. Now comes the desperate search for the “off” switch on all this. Sorry Mitch. There isn’t one.

  3. The nail was put in that coffin on January 10, when Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell’s wife, resigned her post as Secretary of Transportation.
    Republicans. rightfully so, can’t wait to shed Donald Trump, so they can allow new leadership to rise up (probably not going to be Ted Cruz – haha). First, however, they need to retool their platform…..
    Without Trump as a target to “bond” over, it will be interesting to see what Democrats choose to focus on and get done in the next 2 years.

  4. Mitch has little to lose by getting rid of Trump at this stage, his seat is secured and this is probably his last term. I imagine for McConnell preventing Trump from running again is a also major benefit, as it is for everyone else in the beltway, including Ted Coup.

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