Scotch Tape & Paperclips

Scotch Tape & Paperclips

At this point, you have to laugh. Clearly, the macabre context (i.e., a deadly epidemic that's killing an average of ~1,500 Americans each day) is the furthest thing from funny. But Mitch McConnell's commitment to obstinance on the price tag for more fiscal stimulus is truly something to behold. Here's what's so astounding. McConnell's demeanor admits of nothing in the way of self-awareness when it comes to how steadfastly stubborn he's been for the past four months. But Mitch is self-aware.
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10 thoughts on “Scotch Tape & Paperclips

  1. McConnell and his wealthy minders are so gready that they cannot see their policies of denial of help to those who have lost jobs due to this pandemic is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Those that pursue policies that are antithetical to Jesus Christ are doing the work of the ANTI-CHRIST. Where are the Christians when you need them?

    Not only that but the Federal Government gets back 80% (people here can come up with a better number) of the money they spend on emergency unemployment as these people are obligatory spenders who spend in a local economy helping SMALL BUSINESSES who also pay taxes.

  2. McConnell is such a Grim Reaper-esque figure that it’s easy to overlook how he embodies the system as structurally designed when all good faith is removed, to enable de facto control by the settler-colonial (including slaveholder) class. They might as well have called it the House of Lords.

  3. I think Mitch Mcconnel is more motivated by the $60M he raised his last election cycle and from the wishes of whom he raised it. As he taught when he was a professor, politics is about, ” Money, money, money,” and was not referring to the USA debt. I suspect (with no evidence) that he has a death grip on the corporate liability release more than anything. At any rate, he has raised over $220M over his career much of which he has spent on other Senator’s campaigns (a powerful lever). He is far too pragmatic to bother with power or guilt.

  4. As usual, the Dems have let the GOP control the rhetoric on this issue. Clearly the GOP strategy for the last four months has been to leave the incoming administration with such a huge mess of last minute damage and ongoing damage that it can’t be fixed. Also watch if the Senate stays under Mitch, no cabinet picks will be approved for months or perhaps years. We are all truly going to be hoisted by our own petard.

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