Comically Offensive

Comically Offensive

A convoluted, mishmash of headlines bombarded anyone who was paying attention on Wednesday, as key lawmakers in Washington inched towards some manner of compromise on virus relief and Jerome Powell spent another day telling Congress how important it is for them to deliver fresh aid. Steve Mnuchin and Donald Trump are inclined to support another version of the $500 billion bill Mitch McConnell tried to float in September and October. In his remarks to the House, Mnuchin called for more Paycheck
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8 thoughts on “Comically Offensive

  1. Uh, oh, markets could end up tumbling if the messaging on this being called the “the Trump Vaccine” sticks.

    No herd immunity for us…who being in sound mind and sound body would get within 10 feet of a Walgreens for a shot of something called “the Trump Vaccine.” Not, unless, one is so inclined to believe the big lie that is this presidential administration’s assault on our nation’s democracy, an assault akin to the propaganda of the “Big Lie” in Germany post WWI.

    1. The Trump Vaccine, when it finally arrives, will help us get out of the mess created by the Trump Virus. And every one of the 1,300 daily deaths attributed to the virus between now and then — and, maybe, half of the 275,000 U.S. deaths to date — is on Trump’s head. That’s what happens when you put a “businessman” in charge during a public health emergency.

  2. I seriously don’t understand this woman. What’s her endgame at this point? I can understand if she was just doing her job, but she’s not. She’s a diehard Trumpist, based on… conservative values? It should be clear by this point that any notion of Trump holding ‘conservative values’ is utter nonsense. Appointing conservative judges? That’s Mitch, not Trump. Where’s she gonna go when this farce is over?

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