A Bridge (To Nowhere?)

A Bridge (To Nowhere?)

Speaking to Congress on Tuesday, Jerome Powell said it's "premature" to pull back on support for the US economy. He characterized additional fiscal stimulus as a "bridge" for the millions of Americans and thousands of businesses still reeling from the pandemic, and reminded lawmakers that the US hospitality industry has been "devastated" and needs additional support. It was a familiar refrain. Indeed, Lael Brainard repeated it in remarks of her own Tuesday, calling more fiscal aid "essential
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5 thoughts on “A Bridge (To Nowhere?)

  1. I am a conservative (former R) and absolutely agree aid needs to go to those that are in desperate need due to the pandemic. This should not even be an issue, it should be done. We can deal with incentives for work etc later but we need to replace lost income now. No one should be homeless or hungry etc at this point. We need to bridge the gap until normalcy returns. And hopefully vaccines will get us there.

  2. $50-100Bn of assistance per month going forward is absolutely doable and would go a long way to help people get through this. Rs and Ts did not worry about unfunded tax cuts so it is time to step up and do what is right for those in need and for the global economy.

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