Give Thanks

Give Thanks

A lackluster pre-Thanksgiving session stateside found the dollar falling to the lowest since April of 2018 and stocks generally mixed following a slate of data that suggested a robust, sustained recovery for the world's largest economy is not a foregone conclusion. While durable goods orders offered some sunshine, personal incomes fell much more than expected last month, while jobless claims rose a second week to the highest since mid-October. Generally speaking, the October data is "stale" co
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10 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. Let me be the first brown-noser sycophant here to wish our hermit leader a peaceful Thanksgiving!

    Hopefully he has a tasty meal ready to cook or be delivered. Otherwise, we’ll have to pool our surplus NetJet, InstaCopter and 4StarChef-On-Demand points and have a primo chef flown in!

    After all, didn’t one of the holy scriptures proclaimed that a satiated man is a wise man?

  2. A long-time colleague and later famous author used to say to me and anyone else who would listen that the hardest intellectual skill to learn and execute properly, is synthesis, the gathering and integration of disparate sources of information into coherent conclusions. The only commentator I read regularly who possess this skill at the highest level is the author of this column. No one else pulls together the inputs of dozens of sources to enable us amateurs to get our nose under the tent and see what’s on the “inside.” Thanks for every thing, H. You are top hole.

  3. Yes thank you H. I look forward to these articles every day and have learned so much on this site. And even though I mostly lurk in the comments section, I appreciate the insights of everyone here as well!

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