‘Simple Truths’: Slowly, But Surely, Trump Loses Fight With Democracy

‘Simple Truths’: Slowly, But Surely, Trump Loses Fight With Democracy

It won't be for lack of trying. That's how history will describe Donald Trump's efforts to overrule voters and reverse the results of the 2020 election. The latest blow to the Trump campaign came on Saturday evening when a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a suit claiming rampant irregularities. The judge, Matthew W. Brann, called the campaign's request to have ballots tossed "startling" and accused Trump's team of relying on "strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusa
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6 thoughts on “‘Simple Truths’: Slowly, But Surely, Trump Loses Fight With Democracy

  1. Hat in hand.
    That evidently is the real reason for the trip, plus stating the obvious. Had me worried especially after Munchins move.
    Republican Governors and legislatures did not get a vote in choosing McConnell as Uncle Scrooge.

  2. I am a proud conservative Republican that can’t identify with these people that claim to be Republicans. They are not Rs, they are Ts. I did not vote for any R/T this election and will not ever vote for these clowns again. New people are needed to re-establish and improve on a once proud (and flawed, imperfect) R party. I hope other decent, sane, true Rs follow. I am absolutely disgusted at this truly un-American behavior I am seeing.

    1. FWIW, we need more people like you in R politics.

      That’s the issue, IMHO. I mean, we wouldn’t agree on much, policy/philosophy-wise, given your self description but that’s okay. At least, we’re clear that Trump is a clear and present danger to US democracy.

      The problem (well, one of them) is that it seems to me R officials, up and down the party power structure, are crooks, failed businessmen and horribly mendacious people without an ounce of decency. It’s hard to have a debate, a discussion or compromise on a disagreement when faced with that kind of person.

      OTOH, you get what you deserve. I’ve always felt that the US size and the general suspicion for public service (or lack of remuneration) meant that politics, at all levels of the states and federal governments, failed to attract ‘the best and brightest’.

      So please consider running… 🙂

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