Hail Mary (Until The Whistle Blows)

Hail Mary (Until The Whistle Blows)

“We’re going to win this race,” Joe Biden said late Friday, in Delaware. Although the final outcome of the US election was still technically uncertain into Saturday morning, Biden's lead in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada had expanded. By noon, he was declared the winner. Flanked by a masked Kamala Harris, whose posture made her appear more bodyguard than vice president, Biden told the public to "remain calm" on Friday night. "Your vote will be counted," he said. Ultimately, the votes
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3 thoughts on “Hail Mary (Until The Whistle Blows)

  1. The use of a sports metaphor by Mr. Trump’s attorney is a tell on their end game and Trump’s eventual walk off.

    It’s clear now that his team’s strategy is to send the lawyers on a wild goose chase to make sure they cover all their bases over potentially illegal votes.

    The four swing states are tight and his team is going for a full court press to stop the counts. Trump says he wants to level the playing field. But, in reality, they want to do an end around. Their last play, undoubtedly, will be a hail mary.

    At some point, Trump will find himself behind the eight ball, left with no alternative than to walk off the field, to become known in history for what he is, a ringer.

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