Difficult Days And Demands Of The People

Difficult Days And Demands Of The People

"As the nation did after Memorial Day, we are [facing] another critical point in the pandemic response," Brett Giroir, assistant secretary of health, told NBC Wednesday. "Cases are going up in most states across the country. Although we’re still tens of thousands of hospitalizations below where we were in July, that is rising," he added. "We are starting to see the increase in deaths." Giroir also made clear that it's not just testing. Contrary to Donald Trump's implicit (and sometimes expli
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5 thoughts on “Difficult Days And Demands Of The People

  1. I can’t imagine that there will be much, if any, substantive content in the future, Trump presidential library. Any such library would likely be forever defaced, attracting the anger of the dispossessed and forgotten, until the memory of this dark episode in American history is lost with the last of us who perish in the decades ahead.

    For there will be no memoir not filled with lies, scholars will have to rely heavily on end notes in the 1,200 or so books that have been written about his vacuous soul. He will forever rank in the decades and century ahead as among the worst three US presidents. Among the worst three because scholars will quibble with details. Nonetheless, this one will be ensconced forever on the mantle of failure.

    As cavalier a respect for the law that this White House has demonstrated time and again, one would reasonably expect shredding parties to occur within Executive Branch offices come January.

  2. 318,00 dead by January 1 in USA. I said it before but say it again, Universal mask policy as late as July 1 and under 200,000 dead January 1. Another religious war death tally, you go Mitch, now make them poor so they have to beg at the backdoor of the church. Preachers know how to churn out Republicans.

  3. On this site, I predicted we would see 250, 000 deaths by the time of the election. What I didn’t say was this was going to be the lull before the storm, if we didn’t find some way to martial the resources to get us through this period. We did not. Now we are about to see a sh*t storm of epic proportions. I simply can’t see a way around this. Time is up.

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