Stranger Than Fiction: Trump Calls Fauci A 500-Year-Old ‘Idiot’ On A Recorded Phone Call

Satire is dead. It's a common refrain heard across social media and echoed by journalists in the Trump era. In the same vein, truth is everywhere and always stranger than fiction these days. Although the public is by now numb to it all -- forcibly anesthetized by the daily barrage of bombast and balderdash -- scarcely a day passes without some new set of headlines forcing  another recalibration of the axes on our reality plane. Monday was no exception. For whatever reason, the president decided to let the media listen in on a call with campaign staff, some of whom are reportedly concerned as polls and betting odds continue to show Trump trailing with time running short to make up lost ground. Read more: ‘A Lot Of This Is Him’ - Desperate Times, Dangerous Rhetoric As Election Looms Obviously, voters are concerned about the president's handling of the pandemic, and it didn't exactly inspire much confidence when Trump himself contracted the virus, along with a handful of others who attended last month's ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett at The White House. Trump attempted to spin his own diagnosis (and subsequent recovery) as evidence of epidemic leadership bonafides, but th
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5 comments on “Stranger Than Fiction: Trump Calls Fauci A 500-Year-Old ‘Idiot’ On A Recorded Phone Call

  1. derek says:

    More amazing is the poll I saw a few hours ago saying that the president still sports a 45% approval rating. Shame on us.

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