Mitch And Marie

Mitch And Marie

Outside of housing, there's little in the way of data on the docket stateside in the new week, which means the price action could well be hostage to stimulus wrangling and other political concerns. Earnings season will roll on, yes, but markets don't appear particularly interested in that right now. All eyes are on D.C. and all paths converge on the campaign trail, where Donald Trump on Saturday evening joined in a "lock her up" chant at a rally in Michigan, where right-wing militia recently ha
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7 thoughts on “Mitch And Marie

  1. The only way I can see (a small) agreement being passed, is if mere days before the election it becomes brutally obvious that Trump and the Republicans are going to be unambiguously run out of town. At that point, Pelosi might risk allowing trump to send some checks (with his name on them) out to families, and Mitch may allow it in an effort to salvage some part of his tattered legacy.

  2. Or….. The Mitch plan gets passed and voters in Trumpland can be shown that Republican Senators aren’t Trumpers.
    Mitch is trying to assuage 2 different crowds but it is Trump defying. Amazing that Trump and Dems could play against Republican Senators. Lincoln Project can have real fun with this one.
    But,the facts do stand out that some funds need immediate disbursal. We are in for a cold, lonely winter.

  3. Still no explanations as to why limiting spending to $500B is so important to Moscow Mitch.

    I could understand he refusing to fund D states/cities in financial difficulties. As long as the same is applied to R states/cities and D states/cities stop contributing more to the federal coffers, I might even agree. This Union doesn’t seem to be working, maybe we could try something else…

    1. Mitch and most GOP Senators believe the ‘big lie’ that the national “debt” is like household debt, instead of what it actually is…the stock of Treasury securities which represents the amount of Treasury spending that has not been taxed back.

      1. I’m not entirely sure I believe that. Some of them might have, some of them may still do.

        But GWB couple of trillion wars showed that GOP execs were well aware of the fact that sovereign debt isn’t like household debt… regardless of how often they might peddle that line to the public to justify another stab at cutting expenses for the low income/middle class part of the pop.

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