Damn The Torpedoes, Honey. Go Shopping!

Damn The Torpedoes, Honey. Go Shopping!

Retail sales, one of the few top-tier economic indicators to stage a “real” V-shaped recovery, handily beat estimates for September, data out Friday showed. The news comes as a relief. Figures for August disappointed last month, and the latest personal consumption and income data showed Americans were squeezed in the weeks following the expiration of key provisions included in the last virus relief package. The retail sales increase for September was 1.9%, more than double the expected 0.8
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4 thoughts on “Damn The Torpedoes, Honey. Go Shopping!

  1. Republicans rallied around 1) the deficit driven tax cuts / redistribution of wealth upwardly, they rallied around 2) Brett Kavanaugh, and now with their shameless hypocritical behavior they 3) rally around this current Supreme Court opening. They have no reason to do anything more given many of their constituents vote for them despite the harm it causes these voters. Unless their constituents demand different behavior and advocacy this dynamic will not change.

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