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I’ll Do It Myself

"People are going to be evicted. But I’m going to stop it", Donald Trump declared, while speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday. "I’ll do it myself if I have to". It would be overtly comical were it not for the dire circumstances. There was no readily ascertainable mechanism Trump could avail himself of on the way to extending virus relief measures with a single stroke of his famous Sharpie. One imagines White House counsel was busy drawing up contingency plans, but there was no clear avenue down which Trump could travel on the way to saving millions of jobless Americans from going broke or keeping people in their homes and apartments without congressional consent. The US government simply isn't functioning. Read more: The US Has No Government. The Fed And Steve Mnuchin Are Serving As Caretakers Unsurprisingly, US equities didn't seem perturbed in the slightest, having become mostly immune to Beltway bickering years ago, and emboldened by the promise (both implicit and explicit) that if things get too bad, the Fed and Treasury will step in to ensure markets and the economy don't completely implode. The S&P hit the highest since February 21, about a week bef
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4 comments on “I’ll Do It Myself

  1. D Price says:

    ‘I’ll do it myself’ appears to be a made for his political moment. Appearing to stick it to the reasonable ones at the same time distracting from dismal poll numbers. The result is a feel OK moment for his ardent supporters and his future incarcerated family

  2. Emptynester says:

    Soon enough, China will change tactics and this could have a profound negative impact on the status of the USD as the world’s reserve currency.

    The free and easy times of China “stealing” intellectual property, design, medical research, technology, etc. to advance their nation’s wealth are coming to an end because (finally) the rest of the world is pushing back and starting to complain about the unfairness!!

    China has a long term plan and so when something stops working, they adopt a different approach.

    What we (USA) really should be afraid of is that soon China might actually PAY FOR (and not steal) Intellectual property, etc.

    When this happens, China will be viewed and accepted as an “in good standing “ global economic citizen- and, therefore, the yuan will become more acceptable. More global transactions will be based in yuan and more global investors will want to invest in China and hold yuan.

    If the USA can print money to give to its citizens then why wouldn’t China print money to pay for technology?.

    The growth rate for China’s GDP has slowed. Shifting to a more legitimate growth plan – based on paying for, instead of stealing, technology/IP, etc. and then manufacturing at home, in other parts of SE Asia or in Africa will help raise their per capita GDP (approximately $10,000USD) much closer to the USA’s GDP per capita of $65,000.

    We are not invincible.

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