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A Cliché, I Know.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

As the curtain closed on the second quarter, market participants were regaled by Jerome Powell, Steve Mnuchin, and Anthony Fauci, all of whom spoke to lawmakers on the last day of a truly historic first half. All three men generally stuck to their respective scripts. For Fauci, the nation's top infectious-disease expert, that meant warning a Senate panel that the rate of new coronavirus cases in the US could exceed 100,000 per day if the public doesn't start taking things more seriously. "The numbers speak for themselves", Fauci said, bluntly. "Clearly we are not in total control right now". No, clearly not. And while fatalities remain relatively low, Fauci suggested it might not stay that way. "It is going to be very disturbing, I guarantee you", he remarked, commenting on what the death toll would be were daily cases to continue along the current upward trajectory. One thing he could not "guarantee", though, is that a vaccine will be ready early next year. "[I'm] aspirationally hopeful", he said. Hospitalizations surged in Miami-Dade County and in California. ICU patients rose in tandem. Houston's ICU capacity is stretched nearly to the limit. "We are entering 'crunch tim
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  1. Gosh, at 100,000 new cases a day that would mean we might need up to $9,600,000,000 worth of Remdesivir a month. And that assumes it doesn’t get worse. Good thing Gilead is sacrificing like they are. We are at war.

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