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Out Of Adjectives.

Crazy times, historic moves.

Crazy times, historic moves.
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6 comments on “Out Of Adjectives.

  1. Anymouse says:

    With 2M new claims tomorrow, somehow I don’t think it lasts. But that’s me.
    Sure glad I’m not in HYG.

  2. Emptynester says:

    IMHO, the Unemployment claims tomorrow will be significantly understated because systems are crashing and people can not file claims.

  3. George says:

    As I said before (2008-9 ) ‘ next time this happens you can run but you can’t hide…’ This may well be true as I see no safe haven…..I remember my Mom lighting a coal stove with paper money when I was 5 years old , and my Dad saying the best he had was his Education (PHD’s ) Life is good though !!!

    • monkfelonious says:

      George, I like you comments but really? Lighting a coal stove with paper money? So, you’re telling us you were a kid in Germany sometime after WWI, eight or nine years or so?

  4. Those spreads are still concerning, and with Ford just downgraded to junk, you have to wonder what kind of wave of downgrades is coming.

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