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Paul Tudor Jones In Awe Of ‘Crazy Times’. Says Bull Has ‘Long Way To Go’ Unless Wuhan Virus Kills Us All

"There’s no vaccination. There’s no cure".

"There’s no vaccination. There’s no cure".
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3 comments on “Paul Tudor Jones In Awe Of ‘Crazy Times’. Says Bull Has ‘Long Way To Go’ Unless Wuhan Virus Kills Us All

  1. hookandgo says:

    H-Man, the train may have a long way to go but there are some curves that are down what treacherous. Hit the curve at high speed, throw in some ice, with a dash of an overload, you derail. The issue is how bad will the pile up be.

  2. derek says:

    Dalio & Jones are speaking from the “snow globe” hedge fund perspective. Hedge fund returns have been abysmal in recent years. They been under-allocated to equities and are now piling in. Now they would like you to join them and save their businesses and careers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PTJ is very smart so to hear he may be betting on it continuing at this point is odd. What were his returns last year? Why so confident now vs bearish then? Sure monetary policy is different but fundamentals may actually be worse. Low biz inv for the past year (impacts future productivity – earnings), higher valuations, rates one way to go, an election where DS may have more influence, continued deterioration in bal sheets, closer to full employment, how much better can the consumer get.

    I realize in manias rational thinking is relegated to the back of the train but is everyone smart enough to get off before it wrecks?

    It feels like bears are either hibernating or extinct. I have seen this movie too often and I am not smart enough to bet on people becoming more irration in the hopes I can squeeze more profit. If I see an uptick in profits (innovation, productivity) and better economic fundamentals I could change but relying on easy monetary policy is not for me.

    Enjoy the ride

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