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China Deal All But Done. Trump Says ‘VERY’ Close, Dow Jones Tips Tariff Rollbacks

"They want it and so do we!"

"They want it and so do we!"
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6 comments on “China Deal All But Done. Trump Says ‘VERY’ Close, Dow Jones Tips Tariff Rollbacks

  1. They say Trump wanted to get the China Tariff problem resolved so he has time to rip into Greta Thunberg being named “Person of the Year”. He was quite upset that he was overlooked AGAIN. Then someone pointed out that the award was for PERSON of the year … not A”hole of the year. That seemed to calm him down.

  2. Stephen in Canada

    Now, if somehow he does manage to get himself convicted on the impeachment charges – he can look forward to being at least a good candidate for next year’s award… We should be so lucky!

  3. Lance Manly

    Art of the cave.

  4. I just wonder what is so important, more important than getting the China trade deal accomplished, that he has to wait until 2:30pm to meet with his trade advisors? Maybe too busy trolling Time Magazine’s person of the year?

  5. What else is as obvious as the predictability of all this trade deal stuff ???? Quick answer……It is the absurdity of it all and how it keeps a lot of us from being able to capitalize on such an opportunity….Feet of Clay !!

  6. What’s the betting that the “agreement in principal” means that the Chinese will buy a bit more agricultural products than they did before, which Trump can claim as a win? However, the main problems with China are not the trade gap but it’s IP theft and restriction of foreign companies participation in the Chinese

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