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Scholars Say Trump’s Actions Are Impeachable. Here’s A Common Sense Take On The First House Judiciary Hearing

"While the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron".

"While the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron".
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9 comments on “Scholars Say Trump’s Actions Are Impeachable. Here’s A Common Sense Take On The First House Judiciary Hearing

  1. Well said. Too bad congressional Republicans don’t read your blog.

  2. And all this time the 3rd branch of the government remains sidelined. Sorry but politicians will argue whatever point their party dictates. In the end though what we have here wouldn’t pass muster in the lowest court in the land much less the Highest.
    Apply these proceedings to any court case and it gets tossed. Secret witnesses , secret testimony and all coming on the heels of an exhaustive investigation by Mueller. And the evidence the democrats presented today? C-span of Trump talking to reporters and tweets as intimidation? Give me a break

    • “Secret witnesses , secret testimony”…. literally every one of those witnesses testified on national television last month. did you miss that part?

  3. Mr. Oxygen

    Almost any other wage earner in America that conducted themselves to an equivalent degree as this would be shit canned for it. Those who were fortunate enough not to be fired would be seriously disciplined at the very least.

    Republicans voters at large are having to progressively abandon their sense of merit. That characteristic was once a fundamental appeal that enabled people to identify with them. That well worn entry way for newcomers is being slammed shut.

    In my opinion.

  4. As a staunch Republican i can honestly say I no longer can identify with “Rs” anymore and haven’t since trump took over the party. 2016 Kellyanne, Cruz, Graham, et all were all correct about him. What was once persona non grata is now supported. Not sure many respect him, many fear him though. Rs will take a decade to rebuild. I will either not vote for these Rs anymore or vote D as a wake up call. There are more like me than people think. It is time for people to support true R values. Time to impeach him and either remove or vote out. This behavior is unacceptable.

    • I really hope there are a lot like you. I has no Hillary supporter but I wouldn’t have voted for mafia Don with a gun to my head. I fear even if we unelect every R running in 2020 it will take decades to undo the damage of the past 4 years. Obviously it has been building to this since Eisenhower with the presidency amassing more and more power usurped from the other branchs but if we do not turn back the tide now, we may not get another chance before we become inextricably mired in a new Feudal period of entrenched corporate and criminal power. Unfortunately most R’s I know still say Trump is the chosen one so I’m not sure how much hope I have of avoiding serfdom.

  5. monkfelonious

    You really belong beside Lucian Truscott and Digby over at Salon, to add a little salty Rick Wilson into the mix.

  6. But for voters (and especially for Trump’s base), it’s critical that everyone takes a step back and exercises some common sense.

    Yeah, well, with Trump’s base that’s never going to happen.

  7. Lol Turley what a joke.

    If only Trumps base wasn’t brainwashed by ‘conservative’ (read: bullshit) media.

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