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The US Consumer Doesn’t Care About Impeachment – For Now, Anyway

"References to the impact of impeachment on economic prospects were virtually non-existent".

"References to the impact of impeachment on economic prospects were virtually non-existent".
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5 comments on “The US Consumer Doesn’t Care About Impeachment – For Now, Anyway

  1. vicissitude

    2020 election will come down to the difference between being lied to and those who don’t care. trump apparently won the last election because he was an outsider who promised change, made a long list of promises and then a contract with voters — so, in 2020, will his base forgive him for lies and double down on the policy of failure, or will they hold their candidate accountable, even up to the point of being opened minded about impeachment investigations that point to criminal conduct? The GOP is fickle and highly forgiving, generally following in lockstep and staying the course, until the smell of stupidity becomes too vile. On the other side, the Democrats are offering more of the same, if-not taking up the cause of socialism — and essentially running a group of losers, when combined, amount to nothing; they offer no choice against the liar/crook. The pending impeachment trial is really America on trial — in what seemingly will be a hung jury, i.e., those that dismiss crimes and those that seek justice. The perfect dichotomy where polarization and weaponization of politics will reach an entirely new level, where a constitutional crisis will intersect with total malaise and passion. Will Americans succumb to paralysis or be propelled into revolutionary actions?

    Also see: Pat Caddell: Trump Will Lose 2020 if He Doesn’t Change His WH Team

    Caddell continued, “This is not what they promised. The point is they can be held responsible for what they said. Basically this is a cynical belief that the voters are too stupid to care about what they were promised and voted for, and the Republicans share in that cynicism. It’s a Washington phenomenon.

    • Good points. No clue. But imagine the outrage if it was Obama, not Trump, on trial. They’d have already built a scaffold on the White House lawn!

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. A hell of a lot of the voters are just too stupid … period. When the education system fails the vast majority (or the vast majority don’t take advantage of the opportunity) this is the result.

  3. “consumers may start to fret that Trump will be too preoccupied … to focus on steering the economy.”

    Good one!

  4. Trump’s impeachment is moral, not economic. As for Trump steering the economy……..LOL

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