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Trump: ‘My Stock Market Would Be 10,000 Points Higher’ If Not For My Tariffs

Donald Trump delivered an update on Hurricane Dorian from the safe confines of the Oval Office on Wednesday.

Naturally, he veered off course, launching into a diatribe about China, trade and the stock market, which has been tossed around more than the Bahamas during a Category 5 storm lately thanks to the president’s tariff escalations.

“Let me tell you, if I wanted to do nothing with China, my stock market – our stock market – would be 10,000 points higher than it is right now, but somebody had to do this”, Trump said, suggesting the Dow would be sitting around 37,000 were it not for the trade war. Here’s the president to Trump-‘splain:

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“To me, this is much more important than the economy”, Trump continued.

It’s not clear whether the majority of voters would agree with that assessment, but we’ll see in 2020, because if things keep going like they’re going – with consumer sentiment falling and manufacturing slipping – the longest expansion in US history will be… well, history by the time the election rolls around.

“Somebody had to do this, we had to do it with China, had to be done, and I’m not even talking about purely economically, I’m talking about in other ways also”, Trump went on to ramble, an apparent allusion to national security.

“It was out of control and they were out of control”, he remarked, summing up.

And you can trust Trump on that. Because if there’s anybody who knows what it means to be “out of control”, it’s the president.