‘She Hates Jews, She Loves Al-Qaeda’: Trump Hits New Low With Shocking Ilhan Omar Attack

‘She Hates Jews, She Loves Al-Qaeda’: Trump Hits New Low With Shocking Ilhan Omar Attack

In remarks to reporters on Monday afternoon, Donald Trump took his signature inflammatory rhetoric to a new level in televised remarks to reporters at an event convened to boost "buy America" requirements. Republicans are silently reeling from a national outcry tied to a series of racist tweets Trump sent Sunday targeting firebrand congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, collectively known as "The Squad". Specifically, Trump advised the four women
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8 thoughts on “‘She Hates Jews, She Loves Al-Qaeda’: Trump Hits New Low With Shocking Ilhan Omar Attack

  1. this clown needs to be removed from office. his tweets from the last couple of days should be enough evidence for impeachment. either he is mentally unstable or trying to bait democrats into responding. but either way, he has gone too far and should be removed

  2. Are Republican leadership that far gone that they can not see that this nation and we have a vast majority decent people who will not put up with this kind of demagoguery . Just numerically speaking and demographic wise this is in no way a winning strategy for republican. American people as a whole no where close to support this racist and mean spirited diatribe. In my view it is a political suicide by republican. Didn’t they see anything in the results of mid term election.

    Around the world other nations have adopted our values and have moved to more diversity and openness like our neighbours in Canada and down south in Australia and New Zealand. While over the years most of the europe has adopted more openness and diversity in their values and policies as well with obvious benefits in social and economic developments. Sadly at this time we are getting mired in this ugliness of racism and decisiveness again .

    1. I’m glad you’re outraged , H. All too often recently, the response from like-minded political commentators has been one of despondent resignation.

      One of the most upsetting aspects to the whole Trump saga is how so many elected ‘leaders’ are willing to put politics before the national interest. It’s very much in keeping with the attitudes of the UK Parliament toward Brexit. Today’s career politicians don’t seem to think it ethically problematic to subvert the interests of the nation for the narrower interests of their party. While Richard Haider might be right that it’s electoral folly for the Republicans to be behaving this way (and I really hope he is!), that obscures the bigger point. They should be opposing the bile and venom because it’s wrong, not because they think it is electorally advantageous to do so.

    2. Did you know that our neighbors in Canada have legal immigration systems based on points, much like Trump wants, and no illegal immigration to speak of? And I’m glad you mentioned that wonderful country down south. Here’s a couple of links for you:


      Still admiring their openness?

    1. Uhhh… thanks but no thanks. If I want to slather myself up in the slime and offal of human waste – I’d rather swim in a cesspool than drown in the trumpFilth swamp of pathopsychological cult fictions and goose-stepping shibboleth incest….

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