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Fed Doves, Trade Hawks And Steel Walls: Full Week Ahead Preview

The new week is coming.

The new week is coming.
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7 comments on “Fed Doves, Trade Hawks And Steel Walls: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. It appears that rhetoric rules the day! The Stock market dictates terms like a spoiled child to all governments.Very few solutions of any magnitude have been found either in the US. , China , or the EU. I think that could called kicking the can down the road and placating the masses until whatever Election comes next..The likely result will be business as usual ending only when the wheels finally fall off..At that point when most data points in a same non disputable direction we will finally get a meaningful reset….

  2. you can always count on unaccountable central banks to move the goal posts around… It’s simply too profitable for those connected to them not to do it… Glad you are still humming along after leaving the other plantation… and hope you are still booze free… 10 years myself…

  3. Hard to tell when the wheels will fall off. There has been quite a cultural change in the last 15 or 20 years. I truly believe that the 2 most evil persons in the last 100+ years were Freud’s nephew Bernays (in PR) and Philo T. Farnsworth (inventor of the TV).
    The 2 changes they produced removed the “fire in the belly” of a lot of people around the world. Can you see a great experiment like prohibition accomplished in today’s world? Or even an Eat the Rich movement anywhere outside of Europe to change tax schedules? I don’t.
    Big bags of money have always run the show. All I can do is get learned opinions (thx H) and make a judgement.
    Right now it seems that Big money will keep going until a generational dynamic either whips out of control, or becomes reclusive and bitcoin centric. There are no debtor prisons anymore and a new paradigm will come into existence.

    Woody: 25 years for me, moving a little slower and thoughtfully in the same direction – just without a lot of chaos.

    • You forgot the 3rd – Steve Jobs and his iPhone, which is like TV on steroids. And 25 for me too!

  4. My father who came close to living in three centuries and four countries always said ..’ We (humans ) can only withstand so much change in one lifetime’…..The challenge as I see it is to sort out what is truly changed and what is socio-cultural BS.
    Tough job for all (not just me) as I see from these posts.!!!!.

  5. Harvey Cotton

    This is stoopid. There are too many people parsing adjectives and adverbs to see if the Federal Funds rate will be 2.4% or 2.5% three months from now, or what dots might or might not mean for rates two years from now. This is not the behavior of a healthy market. This is a casino.

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