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Video Shows Saudi ‘Assassination Squad’ Sent For Khashoggi, Trump Says ‘I Know Nothing’

"It’s clear he did not exit."

"It’s clear he did not exit."
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7 comments on “Video Shows Saudi ‘Assassination Squad’ Sent For Khashoggi, Trump Says ‘I Know Nothing’

  1. Jupiter’s red spot may be changing. I think that’s a good opportunity to rant about Trump. How would we make that tenuous connection? Who cares? It’s a rantportunity!

    I bet you’re super fun at family reunions.

  2. After reading this I am reminded of Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes. Sadly, Trump isn’t acting but he is a “Bad Actor”.

  3. God, you might be smart in other areas, but have an unhealthy belief that Republicans are bad and Democrats are good. The fact you think your education supports this bias shows a vary narrow experience.

    Yeah. Trump’s an idiot. Hyooge surprise. If you think a smarter President has any effect on the Cloak and Dagger world, you’re deluded. Or if Trump hadn’t (rightly) pointed out media bias, you’re telling me this never would have happened?

    If you’re this naive about political realities, why would anyone ever respect your opinion on anything at all?

    Don’t give me that malarkey about not caring what readers think… you write for an audience. I mean, if it’s just to rant, I suppose it makes sense. Or selling ads. Or maybe I was too charitable and you just aren’t that bright.

  4. Hi “Come On”,

    I’m clearly a genius. I demonstrate that every, single day.

    You, on the other hand, are clearly a moron.

    Does that clear things up for you?

    If not, let me try this: I’m going to keep writing the way I write because all kinds of people love it.

    What you’re going to do is either read it or not read it, and in case it isn’t clear enough, I don’t give a shit which one.

  5. We have a winning cause – delusions of grandeur.

    No, my deluded sir, reporting the opinions of others with snark is still reporting the opinions of others. So you can synthesize an opinion from reading experts. That puts you on par with any college student – wait, forgot how far we’ve fallen – grad students. Wait – ok, maybe engineering grad students. Wait…

    Ok, by this century’s ever-lowering standards, perhaps you are a “genius.” You and a few million more people, anyway.

    As your intellectual equal (at least), I enjoyed reading your articles, at least the economic ones, as economics is far from my specialty. And… then I made the mistake of clicking on this one.

    You’re just as bad as the Trump-lovers. So glad you don’t care, neither do they, you clueless stain on our educational system.

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