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Donald Trump Will Now Drive Up Your 2019 Health Insurance Premiums: You’re Welcome America!

Who wants to pay more for insurance? Show of hands...

Who wants to pay more for insurance? Show of hands...
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7 comments on “Donald Trump Will Now Drive Up Your 2019 Health Insurance Premiums: You’re Welcome America!

  1. The toddler-president has ALWAYS refused to pay his contractors and even his investors (bankruptcies). What do you expect from a guy who thought it was “a terrific idea” to sell steaks through mail order, and who took student’s money for tuition to a scam university that carried his name? Now that he owes money to the Russian mop, I wonder if he is smart enough to make sure he pays them back…in one way or an other.

    • ai, did you read yesterday that trump’s own personal driver has now sued him — also reported by CNN and Bloomberg – but here is the story from WaPo. There really is no end to what he gets away with, for how long he gets away with it, and why people let him get away with it. He especially likes to take advantage of those that most likely do not have the funds to fight him in court and pay for a lawyer. And trumpass calls that “winning”. No class, no grace, no scruples, no morals, no honesty, no shame.


      • Murphy,
        Every day, I think to myself it can’t get any uglier, but the next day trumpass does something uglier. The worst aspect of all this is that the Donald is a mirror of too-large a part of America who are not going away when he eventually does (hopefully in an orange jumpsuit).

        • ai, they may not go away but then again, they have always been there – they will just go back under their slimy rocks and eventually they will all die off, go to jail or kill each other. They are cowards and they know they cannot win against the better millions that will not tolerate their despicable vile behavior.

          The mere fact that we have this reprehensible man in the WH was not the result of them winning the election, vote to vote — they actually lost by 3 million votes.

          We need to abolish the Electoral College and demand quality candidates by adding requirements to qualify for office — let’s require disclosure of 10 years tax returns, no history of nor pending lawsuits, no former bankruptcies, thorough investigation of foreign connections … and more!

          We ended up here because we never expected a cretin to illegally win an election by interference from a foreign government and our failure to not have interceptors in place to prevent it. It will not happen again. Ever.

  2. ai, you are absolutely correct on that one! We probably miss the best candidates because they don’t have huge money promoting them or buying them!

    • That is my point. Money shouldn’t be the determinant factor. If you make it so that parties or independents can only spend x-amount, say $10 million on an election, then maybe the electorate won’t be bamboozled by all the hype and distractions that the $billions buys, and they’ll be able to focus on ideas.

      As it is now, money installs legislators, and the legislators work in favor of the money.

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