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‘All That Is Gone Now’: From Apples To Oranges, America’s Farmers Fear The Worst From Tariffs

"The math is simple."

"The math is simple."
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5 comments on “‘All That Is Gone Now’: From Apples To Oranges, America’s Farmers Fear The Worst From Tariffs

  1. Well it looks like we will be enjoying cheap apples here in the US. Plowing soybeans back into the soil is a great source of nitrogen, so there’s that. Then too, mebbe congress can come up with a plan to make it mandatory that SNAP recipients can ONLY use soy as a source of protein thus creating whole new industries making soy into something that is only a little disgusting. Actually let ’em eat beans, the slugs! Not to mention that soy oil is a dandy replacement for petroleum oils in paint formulations; got that Sherman-Williams? You see, lots of good can come from this! And if we feel expansive towards our southern friends, Brazil is all rejoice over the 5-balls waverings. “Hello Xi, this Mike Temer, I hear you are interested in some beans….”

    Herr H. likes ‘visuals’ and if you do too, have a look at the beans chart.

  2. Once again we find ourselves in another “rotten” reality show brought to you by the master game playing ego manic that is POTUS. Just a note about this America first thing that should be changed to trump first, last and always. He will throw “anyone” family included under whatever bus he has to and leave the biggest goddamn mess to hold to this power vacuum he has created. He is an evil genius in that regard and doesn’t give a rat ass about any country, person, place or thing other than his demented view of success. “Fuck those farmers” he could care less about “soybeans, Harley’s, apples and the people who need those farms and businesses to survive. They are in the sphere of “his ruinous truth” and are just cannon fodder.

    Vote people vote in every election and tell this horrendous and vile human and his enablers to get lost. This is an historical moment that threatens our whole planet and that is not “crazy” talk, vote.

  3. PaulMiller

    Trump will ultimately win the trade war, and he will only be slightly wounded in the mid terms. He simply pursues the policies that he wishes, and let’s the chips fal where they may.

  4. Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue to find a new world – to live free and safe from evil rulers. Ok, skipping ahead a couple hundred years — it seems to have been a good idea because America has certainly achieved freedoms and security and sharing and supporting each other and other countries too along the way! Congrats, very hard work and done well to our success. Certainly worth another fight if necessary!

    Then along comes a vile disgusting evil babyman, weaving his wicked web of deceit and graft and cruelty (to be brief) and some less than desirable American citizens who have their own jealousies and angry temperaments are drawn to him like flies to bullshit. His goal is to take over all control of America and destroy all that has grown since Columbus landed on that rock.

    Well, Pilgrim, (love John Wayne!) I will see you lined up at the voting booths and we can send babyman to Putin for Christmas, departing from Mar-a-Lago!

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