No Soup For You!

No Soup For You!

It is now clear that Trump’s policy is not about the trade deficit. Security risks can be applied to every aspect in a bilateral relationship, investment restrictions in particular. That's from Australia & New Zealand Banking Group's Raymond Yeung, who spoke to Bloomberg on Monday for a story about Trump's plans to restrict Chinese investment in U.S. industries citing national security. I talked about this a bit on Sunday evening in the week ahead preview. It seems to me like FT had thi
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3 thoughts on “No Soup For You!

  1. You diminish your excellent writing and sympathetic treatment of people in need of a helping hand when you use the term “full retard” in a caption or comment. It is not necessary and I expect better of Heisenberg commentary.

      1. yeah, chill out Richard. it’s a standard American pop culture reference. everyone uses it.

        also, i spent two years working with special needs children as part of a charity effort, so i would suggest you take it down a notch and avoid trying to dictate editorial policy here in the future.

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