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Problems Are Emerging.

Who said EM meltdown?

Who said EM meltdown?
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3 comments on “Problems Are Emerging.

  1. I’m sorry, I did not make it past the first tweet in your column today — cannot see thru the tears of laughter! His opening sentence and mention of the most emails in the shortest period of time — I think he has surely won the prize for the most tweets in one day! But then, his closing comment of this Country has get back to business! OMG – now he is talking out loud to himself! Emails, Probers, Country, Business – what is all that about!?!?

    I also read earlier about all those 13 really angry Democrats on Mueller’s team. Someone please tell him there are a whole bunch of Republicans who are also angry. His bullshit lies and repeating his campaign rallies to keep his ignorant base supporters happy coupled with his own push for a Nobel Peace Prize are enough to make you puke.

  2. Mt Math

    Stormy Daniels for the Nobel ‘Piece’ Prize would make more sense.

    • Oh, very clever! I really like word games and that one is a winner. Even better if she ends up being the downfall of trump!

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